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Cynthia Hoff

Professional Freelance
Writing & Editing Services

Freelance Writer and Editor



What I Write

I'm a freelance writer, so WHAT I do is no mystery.

HOW I do it is another story. I can't give away my secret sauce, but let's just say it involves an undisclosed amount of chocolate. 

As a freelance writer/editor, I work behind the scenes to generate original content or clean up messy manuscripts while my clients go about other important business details, take meetings, and sleep peacefully through the night.

What do I write and edit?

You name it:

Feature articles


B2B content


Web copy

Doctoral dissertations

Master's theses


Video scripts


Email blasts

Personal correspondence

Birthday cards (I'm not kidding)


But writing doesn't come easily to everyone. When you're stuck facing that blank page, it's time to get help.


You hire an electrician to fix the lights,

a plumber to fix the pipes,

it makes sense to hire a writer to fix your words. 

That's where I come in.

I can fix what you've written or start from scratch with fresh content that makes you sound smart, relevant, and downright amazing.

Just talk to me.




B2B Writing
Content Creation



I've been writing professionally for more than three decades.


I cut my teeth in Silicon Valley—public relations—so I am used to rubbing elbows with techies, editing their white papers, and cranking out press releases.


I've taught and written abroad (thanks to my husband's baseball career), so all things travel, sports, or foodie fall into my wheelhouse.


I've spent the bulk of my career in higher education, writing and editing feature articles, ads, promotional materials, annual reports, web copy, and more. 


I have been tapped to ghost write autobiographies, have coauthored a tween girls' guide, and have helped countless students reach their educational goals by consulting on and editing application essays, master's theses, and doctoral dissertations. 

From product descriptions and users' manuals, to catchy slogans and full-length feature and research articles, I wear a lot of hats, channel many voices, and help people in multiple industries find the right words.

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"The writing prowess, editorial acumen, and consummate professionalism Cynndie inculcates makes her a rare find. Add to that, integrity and reliability, and one begins to glimpse the depth of character she brings to the table alongside unmatched skills.

I’ve worked with Cynndie for more than 25 years. She has no editorial equal when it comes to drawing out the best from existing material or delivering prose that exceeds expectation. Hands down, the most proficient, ethical, dedicated writer/editor I know."
—Maureen Taylor, Associate Vice President for External Affairs, Azusa Pacific University


“During the last six years, it has been my good fortune (and my business’s good fortune) to have Cynndie and her expertise as an integral part of our marketing and sales efforts. She has accepted many assignments that have ranged from writing copy for catalogs, sales brochures, e-commerce content…just to name a few. Cynndie is quick to respond to requests, asks the appropriate questions to comprehend the scope of our needs, and delivers a finished product within the specified time frame. If your needs are working with someone who is easy to communicate with, reliable, creative, and business savvy, Cynndie is your person.”
—Denny Rehm, Vice President, Sales, Golden Lighting


"Cynndie is phenomenal to work with! She is very responsive and really cares about her students she is serving. I was fortunate to have her edit my dissertation. She is so thorough and patient and makes sure that nothing is missed. I would make changes and she would happily re-read through everything again to ensure we made all the needed corrections. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to present at a state conference and asked Cynndie if she would be willing to edit my PowerPoint. She was happy to and very encouraging about my presentation. It is a blessing to be able to work with Cynndie. As a member of dissertation committees today, I highly recommend my students to seek her out as their editor. Cynndie is the best, and I cannot say enough incredible things about her!"

—Lexi Bosic, Ph.D., Instructional Specialist,

Alternative Education,

Riverside County Office of Education





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