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5 Reasons You Desperately Need a Freelance Writer

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Let someone else face the blank page.

Times change. Technologies change. Trends change.

But no matter what business you’re in, you need to write.

Written words. Spoken words. Illustrated words. Whether you’re building your brand using creative storytelling to strengthen your tribe or you just need to send a quick, clear message to your clients, words are the way. The only way.

Trouble is, not everyone can write. Well, everyone can write, but not everyone can write well.

Freelance writers are the heroes of the business world. If you’ve never hired one, or worse, if you don’t even know how a freelance writer can swoop in and save your bacon, consider these top five reasons you should change the way you think about everything.

1. Blank pages suck. Every high school and college student knows what this means. Every sales person required to write detailed reports, and every executive called upon to eloquently address shareholders feels this pain.

There you are sitting in front of the computer screen, which seems to mock your reflection each time it fades to black after 10 minutes of inactivity, and then…depression sets in. Your head drops dramatically into your sweaty palms, you realize you have no ideas and never will.

If only someone could save you from this recurring nightmare. Behold—the freelance writer. In one brilliant move, you erase the stress of creating something from nothing and pass the buck to some crazy writer willing to do it for you. No brainer.

2. You can’t write. Face it—you can’t. Sure, if forced to, you could put something down on paper. You could string together a few sentences, but you know your commas will be in all the wrong places, and don’t even get me started on dangling participles.

Back in school, it was considered unethical (read: cheating) to let someone else write your papers. But the cool thing is that grownups do it all the time and they are considered geniuses. Be a genius. Hire a freelance writer.

3. You have more important things to do. After all, you are a visionary, an innovator, and entrepreneur. You don’t have time for mundane tasks like…you know…typing.

Keep your mind and your schedule clutter-free by outsourcing the wordsmithing. Think about it: you tell a freelancer your amazing thoughts and ideas without stressing over the right word choice or how to punctuate it. You just talk.

Then, voila, it comes back to you as a powerful, on-point message that makes you sound wicked smart.

All the sudden, customers are clamoring for what you have to offer, all because you had the foresight to hire a freelance writer.

4. Freelancers are there when you need them. Like genies in a lamp, you can make them appear and disappear at will.

Need a quick email blast you forgot was due today? A freelancer can turn it around faster than you can make up a lame excuse to tell your boss.

You can even take all the credit. Freelancers are not glory hogs; they exist to make you shine.

Keep yours on speed dial for those projects that keep you up at night and the ones that bog down your day.

You can even keep your freelancer on retainer so you always have the right words at your fingertips.

Go ahead—rub the lamp.

5. Freelancers make you rich. Okay, maybe not rich, but rich-er.

Here’s how: Freelancers only get paid for the time they spend on the projects you give them. After that, they are out of your hair and NOT on your payroll.

You don’t pay them benefits.

They don’t take sick leave (or sick pay).

They do not take up space in your office.

And they do not take the sandwich you stored in the breakroom fridge.

All that stuff they don’t TAKE, you KEEP—like your money.

Hiring a freelance writer says to the world: “I’m a savvy business professional who knows how handle my finances—you can trust me.”

Get rich-er. Hire a freelance writer.

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